Brooklyn Queens shredding was founded over ten years ago, backed by experience that stretched out more than twenty five years in the shredding and recycling business. This experience was utilized to produce the most effective way to destroy confidential documents. Brooklyn Queens shredding customers consist of many residential customers, home based businesses, and other various types of large and small clients.

Throughout the tri state area, Brooklyn Queens shredding has created numerous loyal automatic and purge customers by demonstrating security, reliability, efficiency and integrity. Each security program is designed specifically to fit the needs of each specific customer no matter how large or small. Many of the large national companies need to be serviced more than once a week. Brooklyn Queens shredding has even gone as far as to design an affordable automatic security program that is made up of quarterly pickups for residential customers.

When purge customers call Brooklyn Queens shredding is quick to accommodate their needs. Leaving papers or boxes in storage for long periods of time can be costly, take up valuable space, and in some cases, lead to a potential breach of security. After purges are done a certificate of destruction is issued to ensure all of the confidential paper you supplied was shredded.

Purpose – To provide our clients with the most secure and cost effective method of destroying sensitive information.

Service – Every Company has confidential data that needs to be destroyed of properly. Customer lists, price lists, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, medical files, personnel files and even handwritten notes can end up in the wrong hands. Brooklyn Queens shredding will assist you in developing a data management system for your company. From bulk purges to systematic file destruction we can insure that you’re firm is compliant with all state and federal mandates regarding information security.

Reason – If you examine any other available means of removing your sensitive data, they include companies that primarily deal in recycling. They send their employees to your location to remove open containers subject to environmental conditions, mischief and multiple handling. Our system eliminates two very important steps, multiple handling of the data and the transportation in unlocked vehicles. If you choose any other company for your document destruction service, just imagine how many times there is an opportunity for someone to examine the records your clients and employees have entrusted you to destroy.

Cost – Our intent is to minimize your disposal expense. Our value added service can be priced for each individual business. Whether it is a container service from our office quality consoles or a price per pound for large purges, we will happily provide a free estimate for every client. If a free trial service would help you better understand your needs and volume for budgetary purposes, do not hesitate to ask! Our goal is to make your shredding as easy and cost effective as possible.

Efficiency – You’re already paying for disposing of these sensitive documents. If you analyze the cost, which has several hidden components, we can save your company valuable time and money. Have you considered the cost of an employee shredding documents; they include wages, payroll taxes, removal of paper, cost of the shredder, maintenance of the shredder and loss of productivity.
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Company Goal – To ensure that our local business associates are aware of how important it is to properly and in some cases legally destroy sensitive material. Several states have enacted legislation regarding destruction of personal information. The federal government has weighed in with the HIPAA regulations regarding medical records and the GLB Act regarding consumer information. With our data management system your company will never have a concern in regard to the possibility of this information being used against you, your clients or employees.